What to Look For in Aquarium Lights

If you have decided an aquarium is what you want you are going to be in for a treat. Aquariums are beautiful and the fun part is – you can set them up however you want. The aquarium lights are going to be one of the enhancing parts of the aquarium. They will increase the detail of your tank and make the décor you use more noticeable. The type you use will depend upon whether your aquarium is going to be for fish or for a reptile. Since there are many different needs for certain fish as well as reptiles the focus will be on an aquarium for fish, Swell UK supplies all kinds that you needs.

What Type Should I Choose?

The best type of aquarium light is going to be the one that enhances your aquarium to the fullest. In addition, the light it provides for your fish and live plants if you decide this is the way to go will be important as well. Plants add the realistic look that you want for your aquarium so live ones are really better than the plastic variety. There are many to choose from so basically your personal preference is going to be what ultimately decides the type you will use.

Compact Fluorescent Lights

When it comes to aquarium lights, the compact fluorescent type may be your choice. If you want the aquarium to be brightly lit, this is a good choice. The compact type uses either two or four lamps for greater luminance. A single bulb of this type will light the same as two regular fluorescent lights. The compact fluorescent lighting is usually what people choose when upgrading from the regular fluorescent lighting.

Lunar Lights

There are lunar lights available for your aquarium. Since they are made specifically to mimic moonlight they are sometimes called moon lights. Many people prefer this type of lighting to allow the inhabitants of the tank to feel more like they are in a natural setting. The lunar light is normally a LED light.

Fluorescent Lighting

The full hood light with fluorescent lighting is the choice of many first time aquarium owners. The bulb can be changed to a different color if you want but make sure it is bright enough to enhance the objects in the tank, mainly your fish. A white reflector type light will give you the maximum lighting for your aquarium.

Halide Systems

This type of lighting is one that is quite popular for those who are really into aquariums. The reason is because these light provide extreme lighting. The halide fixtures will produce hundreds of watts of light. One metal halide light will be more than many standard light bulbs or even the compact type of fluorescent lighting.

Day and Night

When you have decided on the type of aquarium lights that you will use, the next question will be how long you should leave them on. This should be similar to our day and night. The amount of time it stays daylight will be the period of time to leave the lights on. Turn them off when it is night time so the fish will experience day and night just as we do.