Top Tips on How to Avoid Getting Caught in a Pedestrian Accident While Traveling to Your Favorite Holiday Destination

Public holidays are music to your ears as they allow you to take a break from your work and recharge. But whereas most of your colleagues would rather stay home and rest, you decided to go to the same tourist spot where you traveled before as you might have missed out on some sites worth visiting the first time around. So you booked yourself a hotel room and flew on your way there. However, as you were crossing the street where your hotel is situated, you suddenly got hit by a vehicle. You could’ve prevented that from happening with these top tips on how to avoid getting caught in a pedestrian accident while traveling to your favorite holiday destination:

  1. Look to your left and then to your right whenever crossing a street.

Probably one of the earliest things that you’ve had to learn when you were still a wee kid, looking in both directions first before crossing a street has proven to be a time-tested approach to ensuring the safety of pedestrians like you. After all, once you see an approaching vehicle to either your left or your right that you feel might hit you, you can back out of crossing the street instead of doing so blindly.

  1. Use the street’s designated pedestrian lane.

The previously listed tip is applicable for streets that don’t have any pedestrian lanes. But if the street where you’re crossing has one, you should walk along it. You wouldn’t want to get in legal trouble by jaywalking and putting your life at great risk while doing it.

  1. Walk amidst a crowd.

Most – if not all – pedestrian accidents usually involve a driver and a single pedestrian. Walking among a sizable crowd of fellow pedestrians while crossing a street minimizes the risk of you getting hit by a vehicle as drivers are usually cautious about yielding when there’s more than a handful of foot traffic on the road. You should watch out for pickpockets though who are more than adept at blending in with crowds.

  1. Don’t use your phone or listen to music while crossing a street.

Your phone’s vibrating in the pocket of your pants as you’re crossing the street, so you pull it out and answer the call. Or you’re irritated by the incessant chatter of your fellow pedestrians, so you block the noise out by listening to your favorite songs while crossing the street.

  • But distractions like phones and music blaring through your headphones can take your focus off of the street which can get you in a pedestrian accident.
  • No matter how many steps you have to cross until you make it to the other side of the road, you should do only that and nothing else.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, almost 6,000 pedestrians got killed after getting caught in an accident as of 2016. You wouldn’t want to be included in that statistic, most especially if you’re fond of traveling on any of your country’s public holidays. However, unexpected situations like getting caught in a pedestrian accident can derail your holiday vacation plans. That’s reason alone for you to consider following the above-listed top tips on how to avoid getting caught in a pedestrian accident while traveling to your favorite holiday destination so that you can enjoy your entire stay there. But in case you become a victim of a pedestrian accident, you should exercise your legal rights and call a lawyer to discuss your legal options.