Top 5 High-paying job that does not require a College degree.

Do you think without your college degree you cannot secure that high-paying job you’ve always dreamt of, of course not. Long gone are the days when the only entry into the career world is only through certificates or higher level diploma. Today, companies are no longer interested in degrees,  they have found something else to divert their focus on- SKILLS. Even top business establishment like Google have begun to employ people without college degrees in as much as they possess the relevant skills to handle the post. So what are you waiting for? Chase that dream job of yours with your skills? But meanwhile let me enlighten on some no degree – highest paying jobs in Australia, perhaps this is where you are skilled at.

Real estate agents.

Are you a very skilled housing agent with good marketing skills? This is the time to make money out of your skills. You can apply for the post of a real estate agent and get to sell houses to clients. With the high-interest leverage on the price of housing, you are sure to make huge profits within a few business transactions.

Computer technicians.

In this computer age, I don’t think I should remind you that anyone who is a computer technologist can never be at the bottom of the ladder in terms of job pay except computer fade out and as you well know this cannot happen not even in the nearest future. So if you are very skilled in the computer-line,  you can get a high pay monthly for your work. The supply of computer technicians can never be enough and with the widespread use of computer gadgets, you can be sure to always have a job on your table.

Air traffic controllers.

Have you ever wonder what goes on in that high tower you see each time you visit an airport? In there are a set of skilled gurus who monitor and direct every aircraft flight. So you see, it a very sensitive job going on in there and a very risky job,  any slight mistake could mean, I guess you know what happens( aircraft collision, Plane Crash). So with the high risk, they are taking up there you don’t expect them to be paid peanuts for salaries. They are highly paid. But you know what, you don’t need to have a College degree to work in there, all you need is the skills and you gain access to a whole lot of money.

Website developers.

With the increasing number of digital marketing, online shopping and SEOs,  this job as made it to one of the top paying jobs. You don’t need a College degree to be a professional web developer, all you need is your skills and your money rolls in.

Casino manager.

Long gone are the days when people so much believe in the work of their sweat, everyone wants to make fast money and get to enjoy life more easily( don’t misquote me, there are still hardworking souls out there) and some do it for the fun of it. Betting is not an easy game to win, a person might have lost a lot of games before finally winning one(whatever he wins can never amount to what have being spent, so the margin is your profit) So has a casino manager, you have whole access to a whole lot of money. If you have the skills,  this is a great chance for you to access to a large amount of money.