Things To Do To Treat Oily Hair

All experts in the field of beauty and hair treatment are regularly faced with people having this common problem of oily unmanageable hair. Greasy hair tends to attract dust to make it frizzy. You can visit to keep yourself updated on the hair care range of products to keep your hairoil-free and shiny. Though this kind of hair is naturally self-protective the following tips will help you give a good look to your hair and manage it well.

  1. Make sure to buy shampoo that suits your oily hair.Lower pH level of your shampoo makes sure to help maintain the shine on the hair without making it greasy.
  2. Always make it a point to lather your shampoo before applying it to your hair and scalp. You can use a mug of the same.
  3. A thumb rule is that transparent shampoos are better for your hair to remove that extra oil.
  4. Apply conditioner only to split ends to ward them off if any, avoid if too oily. It would be better to stay away from styling serums or leave in conditioners for women with oily scalps.
  5. Don’t brush or comb your hair too often; once a day is advisable. Avoid if your hair is too frizzy so that breakage doesn’t occur.
  6. Make it a regular habit of rinsing your hair with lemon juice to remove that extra oil from your scalp. Lemon juice should be diluted with water with 1:4 ratio.
  7. Oil massages are a strict no. It only adds to the menace. Only when it is too dry in seasons like winter, you can opt for it with care.
  8. Avoid in total the usage of heating appliances like curlers or blowers for your hair. It may worsen the situation with leaving your scalp more oily and your hair dry.
  9. Taking hot water shower creates the same problem of drying your hair but opening up your pores on the scalp. These pores become more active in sebum production. Cold water showers are best.
  10. You can use do it yourself hair packs at home like egg and lemon pack for stopping that oil production in your scalp.Avoid using egg white if possible.
  11. Beer also helps in removing that residue oil from your hair after being shampooed. Dilute the beer with a little warm water and rinse your hair with it just like you would with a conditioner.