Synthetic Testosterone for a Lean and Muscular Body

Fitness is a lifestyle and for those who are aiming for a lean muscular body can use synthetic testosterone for the extra pump and well-built physique. Synthetic pills keep brown cells of the tissue lean and intact. Using these pills accompanied by a good diet will burn away the stubborn fat and generate protein synthesis within the muscle.

Mechanism of this steroid

Synthetic testosterone pills are specialized chemical hormones that mimic the actual functions of the hormone and assists in fitness and production of lean muscles. With proper diet and professional guidance, it can be taken by all. Nevertheless, this is one of the most prescribed steroid for anyone who wants to be a successful fitness model or an athlete. Moreover, it also generates ATP for mitochondrial action.

Steroids for athletes and the glam world

This hormonal steroid is predominantly used by most body builders, fitness models and athletes. This pill should be taken as cutting or bulking cycle, depending on the requirements of the individual. Before taking this steroid, you must be sure about the type of body you want, bulky or lean. Since synthetic testosterone isocaproate, the results vary from person to person.

However, it takes minimum 12 weeks to show full effect. With repeated usage it will help in improved performance, muscle recovery and reduction in fat percentage.

Lose fat or gain bulky muscles

Synthetic testosterone is for bulking muscles and cutting down flabs and fat. It is also helpful in removing the excess visceral fat of the body. Not only for bulking, but also it is used for cutting cycle. It is also taken by female athletes to improve their performance. However, controlled dosages are advised for females.

This drug is a miracle drug for achieving the desired figure but regular exercise is a must. As these synthetic hormones are bio chemical substances they have chemical formulations as per the needs of the body. It is myth that using steroids will harm your body. Steroids can only harm you if you abuse it. Therefore, it is advised that you must take professional help before entering into any type of cycle.

Diet and lifestyle

Moreover, diet and lifestyle plays a very important factor when you are on steroid supplementation. A diet comprising of fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits and lean meat is recommended. As this drug brings about major transformations in the body, alcohol and drugs must not be taken.


Synthetic testosterone cuts down the fat and synthesizes the fat at cellular level. One of the best benefit using this drug is, the body does not burn fat rapidly. Instead, the hormones burn the stored glucose and glycogen thereby reducing the flabs of the body.