Peter Loftin And The Contributions He Made To The Society

Peter Loftin is a well-known personality in the commercial area of United States of America and it is because of a handful of reasons. Starting from being the owner of the popular Business Telecom Inc. to making a number of charitable donations- Loftin has always made some unmatched contribution to the society. This article describes more details about Peter Loftin, his work life as well as the contributions that he made to the society for its betterment.

The most important contributions of Peter Loftin:

The most important contribution that Peter Loftin made to this society is that he assisted in developing the BTI Center for Performing Arts. This is one of the biggest venues that existed between Washington D.C and Tampa. Along with that, Peter has also made important contributions to the well-being of the families of the deceased soldiers, veterans and different charitable companies.

As the founder of Business Telecom Inc, his role was not just restricted to the administrative aspects. In fact, while being a part of BTI, he invested a lot of money in the goodwill efforts. At that point, he was an active part of a program that served people with some disabilities in the rural North Carolina schools with free internet services. For this contribution, he was felicitated as the Corporate Citizen of the Year.

Apart from being the owner of Business Telecom Inc, Loftin is also the owner of a popular South Beach Private Club in Miami known as the Casa Casuarina. After that, he offered this venue to people for a number of events. As a result of that, over 30 charitable companies have been benefitted now.

Some other contributions of Loftin towards the society:

Peter Loftin has always backed the North Carolina Museum of Science and the Police Athletic League unconditionally. Besides, he has also served the well-known National Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross. He actually offered these services during the 9/11 tragedy, which is one of the toughest times that the Americans faced.

Besides, he is also related to the Special Operations Fund. This fund is accountable for providing financial help to kids of the fallen Tier 1 soldiers in the form of college funding. This organization is also known for offering backup to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Peter Loftin was liable for developing the Camp BTI for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This organization initiated the 2 on 2 basketball model as per the suggestion of Loftin. After that, this model became popular all around in Atlanta. During this twenties, Peter was involved in “Coats For Kids” initiative, which was responsible for donating or supplying winter coats to the underprivileged kids.

Before finishing, it is necessary to mention that Loftin has contributed a lot towards the development of the society. And all of his contributions are “all-encompassing”. Remarkably, this person has touched different notes of life by being focused on different needs of the society and its people.