Knowing When to Hire Tree Service

A tree is an asset. Trees are beautiful creations, whether you plan to sell the home or pass the home down to generations to come. To ensure that the tree survives so many decades, regular tree service techniques are necessary. Tree service is important for beauty and safety reasons. Most importantly, it is sacrosanct to conduct tree servicing at certain times of the year.

When is the best time for tree service?

It is very difficult to decide on the best time to trim trees. More so, a lot of homeowners struggle with figuring out the best period for the activity. There are many advantages and disadvantages of trimming trees every season. However, there is no need to worry about impending dangers with properly trimmed trees.

For this reason, many people hire a tree trimming service. More so, these services are a boon in keeping these assets in good condition. Trees are of different sizes and valuations. Improper trimming of trees may be the death of the trees; beware!

Tree trimming

The best periods to carry out a proper tree trimming services is in late spring or winter. Before the heat waves of the hot summer months, tree trimming is a great idea. The risk of disease in the tree is lower in cooler overall temperatures. The tree grows better by removing non-essential branches and buds before they assimilate nutrients.

Tree removal

The tree removal process is a quick routine. Like other techniques, tree removal requires a great amount of safety – for possessions, people, and other trees in the environs. It is best to remove a tree that requires urgent treatment as certain factors can push the tree to a breaking point.

  • Storm
  • Insect or animals
  • Accidental force

These factors may lead to great danger especially when the tree falls in an undesirable location.

Furthermore, proper diagnosis by experts and arborists will determine if the tree requires immediate removal.

Stump grinding

A tree stump houses fungus and wood-boring insects such as termites, ants, and beetles. This group of insects may attack and fell the tree, causing great damage to life, property, and landscaping. Upon seeing a tree stump, hire a tree service company to grind them out immediately. To prevent fungus or insect from breeding at the stumps, it is best to remove the stump by spring.

Do not trim trees at certain periods

Heavy tree trimming is not recommended in spring and summer months. Spring and summer months are best known for well-thriving insects that burrow through the hollows of the tree branches. For instance, the oak tree houses insects that is responsible for the oak wilt disease.

If it is a must to fell the tree, the tree service company must spray open wounds in trees with a sealer. Spraying leaves a black residue or patch on the tree, making it resemble a spray paint job. While the black paint may be undesirable, it protects the tree from greater danger.

Tree pruning companies are experts in keeping trees looking neat and well-kempt. In addition, they also offer trimming services. In summary, a professional arborist is important in keeping healthy trees.