Key features of Grocery delivery model

There are basically two stages that constitute the features of the grocery delivery business model. The front-end and the post logged in. At the homepage, you will find the banner. The banner states the main idea of this business and this is important for the business owner. Below the banner, you can see all your favorite items that grab all your attention. When a user logs into the website, then the things change completely. The grocery owner connects the customer and the vendor for delivery services. For the owner, the key features include order tracking, easy management, and notification. From the viewpoint of the customers the key features include the following:

  • Multi-Store- When you offer multiple stores you can enjoy various commission rates from each vendor. If you tie-up with more vendors, better for your business.
  • Ensure that moving from a cart to a checkout page is very smooth – If you move quickly, you can buy quickly.
  • Smooth navigation – Easy navigation is important for a great user experience.
  • Many payment options – It is crucial for an e-commerce site to have several payment options, making it easier for the purchasers.
  • Staying updated – People love staying updated all the time with their order, so keep them posted.
  • Security concerns – You should offer complete safety and security to the customers’ sensitive information like credit card details and other personal information.

Revenue model

There are three different ways through which the grocery delivery service model can generate revenue. The commission is by far the most preferred and the oldest revenue model for the marketplace owners, both online and offline. The subscription fee is another way by which you can attract those vendors who do not prefer the commission model. By paying a fixed amount as a subscription fee, you can use the services of the vendors for a certain time period, whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Delivery charges method is customer driven. You can also earn revenue through digital Marketing, banner ads, vendor promotion, etc.

Same prices

Prices for the grocery items are approximately the same that are offered at the offline stores. The prices of the products are updated on a regular basis.  The availability and the prices of the products can change without prior notice. The items are displayed on weight or per unit. The original price along with the discount on that particular item is mentioned so that the customers can know how much discount they are receiving. However, the customers will not be charged a price higher than its market price.