How to Utilize Open Source Publishing as A New Author

As a new author in the academicindustry, knowing all your options before you decide to make your material public is the most recommended course of action.

A physical book is still better than any other medium, as books have their own charm and millions of people prefer books over any other medium. While you can find a publisher and go the traditional route, open source publishing has its own advantages.

Choose Your Business Model

Before you share your work with the world using open source publishing, you must first understand that in the digital world we live in today, some of your work will be available for free. So, choosing your business model as a new author means having to split your work into several parts.

The goal is to make potential customers interested by giving them an insight into your writing style and content in order to make them loyal readers. Since open source publishing means digitizing your work, the next step is finding those potential customers.

Finding Potential Customers

Building an audience is the next logical step when you decide to use open source publishing as a new author. You can create a blog and then find potential readersusing existing content through a mailing list to get them interested in your work.

You can also launch a crowdfunding campaign, which is what many people today do when they want to make their work public online.

Also, you need to decide the best file format for authoring your book. Plain text is still the best and the easiest option. The most recommended thing to do is finding a publisher of open source books that will provide the necessary international exposure and help you advance through high citation counts, high online visibility, and wide readership.

With that in mind, IntechOpen might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Write Your Material

If you want to use an open source publisher to get the necessary exposure for your work, you must first finish your journal, academic text, or bookin a satisfying manner. You need to push yourself until you get it done and this is probably the hardest part, creating something that will be worth the time and money of others.

Commitment and dedication are everything but if you provide the highest quality material to your open source publisher, you significantly increase your chances of success.

Writing your journal or bookwill take time, so take it and finish your work. Open source publishing can be more profitable than you know, but it’s crucial that you deliver sheer quality if you really want to hook customers into what you’re selling.

The beauty of open source publishing is that everything is possible with the right dose of public exposure. If what you do is worth something, making it public will bring you the desired results.