How To Deal With An Auto Accident Abroad

When you’re travelling abroad, you’re expecting nothing but to have a memorable trip worth all the money, time, and other resources that you have invested. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Death by car accident is the 4th leading cause of death of Americans in their homeland. Unfortunately, this data stays the same when Americans travel abroad. No matter how much we don’t want these accidents from ever happening to us, once they occur, perhaps the best thing to do instead is to cope with the situation at hand. Here are several tips on how you can deal with an auto accident abroad:

  • Keep calm and call the authorities

Before anything else, it is best if you continue to remain calm despite the situation because your anxiety-driven emotions might only do more damage than good. After you have gained your composure, make sure you call the emergency hotline immediately in order for the authorities to respond to the accident scene. If you are currently having a vacation in a non-English speaking country, it is best if you inform the authorities that you will need a translator in order for you to communicate with the authorities well when they start filing a report of the accident.

  1. Take photos of the scene

When the other party and the witnesses release different statements regarding the situation, photographic pieces of evidence should help to protect you. Therefore, while waiting for the authorities and the paramedic team to arrive at the scene, document the scene using a high-definition camera, but even your own smartphone will suffice.  Here are some of the most important shots that you will need to take:

  • The injuries that you have obtained
  • The damages inflicted on your car such as dents, broken windows, and etc.
  • The damages on the other party’s vehicle
  • Skid marks on the ground (or lack thereof)
  • The entire scene of the accident in a wide shot
  1. Write down names and information

Once the authorities have arrived on the scene, they will immediately get your statements to file a formal police report. Take this opportunity to write down the names of the officers and the paramedic team that have responded to the scene in order for you to easily know who to approach when you need to obtain a copy of certain documents for your insurance. Witnesses on the scene should not be forgotten as well, should there be a need for you to gather witnesses for a personal injury case, then this will all make it easier for you.

  1. Ask for help

As soon as you are able to, pick up the phone to call your family, friends, and your personal attorney to inform them of your current situation. This is also important so that you can easily ask for their help if you need financial assistance for certain medical costs related to your injuries. If the medical costs soar up to what you can no longer afford, you may be able to seek medical funding assistance made available for temporarily destitute U.S. citizens.

For the best results, hiring a personal attorney before you leave the country for a vacation will allow you to have someone you can easily ask for legal advice should there be a need for it.