Funny moments with your puppies

When you are playing with your young dogs, you will feel happy watching their beautiful moments and even you enjoy them observing your comments carefully. Many of us have a habit of training our dogs through physical exercises like rolling over and bends.

“How to teach a dog roll over?” and what you should and shouldn’t do while training your dogs. Here a list of points is sorted out.

Dos and Don’ts while training

On talking about the Do ’s, you should initially care for your dogs and must have a close attraction towards them and make them understand your feelings. In spite of being your pet, consider it as one of your family members. Before starting the training walk with your dog for long distances and give them such breathe practices which enhances the blood circulations and loosens their tight muscles. By doing so, it helps them to regain the energy spent by them yesterday and activate them with a brisk morning. This practice keeps them to stay enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day and help you to teach them easily. The initial stages of roll over include quick run, active jumps, and making you site and stand alternatively.

While teaching your dog you must have a stick in your hand because at some instances the dog may come to bite you on observing your actions. Sometimes your dogs may feel that you are treating them rudely to learn some exercises.

What you should not do? Do not pull your dogs when they go out of control and doing such practices detaches the dog from you. The love and care you show towards the dog will be delivered as loyalty in return towards you. Do not train them when they are not actively involved with you and do not pay attention to you and your training. Give them proper food and water after regular intervals. This gives them sufficient energy to act according to your needs. The best way to make your dogs roll over is by spreading mats over the floor in which they feel crazy while rolling over it. Lastly, this kind of rollover practices should be given to your dogs twice or thrice in a week apart from their physical exercises and normal jogging with you. A regular practice allows your dogs to learn a perfect roll over. Therefore one should be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts while teaching their dogs to have a comfort zone with the dogs. Through this, hope you might have understood “How to teach a dog roll over”.