Do You Know About Winstrol Gains in Bulking Cycle?

Winstrol has been around since 1962 and is very well known anabolic steroid that was developed by Winthrop Laboratories. FDA has also approved this drug for human consumption. It is quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes though sports authorities have put restriction on its use for competitive sports. The reason is that many people have taken unfair advantage in the competitive sports with the help of this drug. It is available both in the form of oral tablets as well as injection.

Can Winstrol provide gain in bulking cycle?

Winstrol has number of medical applications and can be used for treatment of many different medical problems. Therefore, FDA has approved this drug for human consumption. Doctors prescribe Winstrol for treatment of ailments like anemia, diabetes, heredity angioedema, clotting disorder, kidney problems, breast and prostate cancers.

Winstrol is also used for animals that suffer from illness. It is also useful for developing bone mass and back muscles for animals.

Bodybuilders also use Winstrol as it can help in developing lean muscles and also prevents water retention. Thus, you can get hard and dense muscle. Can you also gain from Winstrol for bulking up during off season? Winstrol is mostly recommended for use during cutting cycle however for bulking cycle it may add toxicity of liver. This drug is meant for trimming fat and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Another thing that Winstrol can do is that it can lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Therefore, you can use another steroid with this steroid. The chemical name of Winstrol is Stanozolol which has a property to pass through liver without destroying it. However, Stanozolol is not the best to build muscle during bulking cycle.

Side effects that bodybuilders must note

Toxicity of liver is one of the major side effects of Winstrol which is due to alkylation of C17. You may notice dark urine, yellowing of skin and eyes and pain in the abdomen which is a sign of liver toxicity. If it is used as a medicine then doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed in order to prevent any side effects. However, this drug can be taken with or without food. You need to take it with a glass of water.

Winstrol has a tendency to disturb the cholesterol level by increasing LDL and decreasing HDL. However, if you take food that is rich in Omega fatty acid this can be controlled.