Best Car Rentals for Trip to Marrakech

 Are you planning a trip to Marrakech? Do you need help finding out the best car rental in Marrakech? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Popular for being a top tourist destination, Marrakech is a famous city of Morocco.

Travelers plan their holidays in Morocco in huge numbers just to explore the stunning urban landscapes of Marrakech city. World famous travel magazines have even rated Marrakech as the most budget friendly travel destination for backpackers all around the world.

Why Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful city filled with amazing natural and cultural landmarks. From the old souks to the colorful narrow street side market areas, everything seems to be perfect for spending a day or two out there. Travelers who have planned to visit Marrakech in 2018 are bound to get a journey of their lifetime as they can rent out top quality cars and go for a long drive around the breathtaking touristic sites of Marrakech. After all, there is no better way to explore Marrakech than by taking a drive through its streets and roads.

Car Rentals in Marrakech is a popular touristic activity for those outgoing individuals who don’t want to spend their holidays by staying inside their hotel rooms all day. Marrakech has many beautiful places where you can learn the rich history and cultures of people living in Marrakech city. Whether you are planning a short 1-week trip or a month-long adventure, Marrakech is the place to go as you will discover a paradise filled with architecturally fascinating private palaces and stunning mansions.

Here are the top 5 car rentals in Marrakech:


If you are looking for something light and powerful than consider renting Car-2WD. With its strong grip and light weight body, Car-2WD is mostly rented by those travelers who don’t want to drive something heavy.

Car-2WD is easy to turn and it will be easier to navigate through the cornering streets of Marrakech if you are driving a Car-2WD instead of other heavy auto cars. It usually has a simple body design and only two tires actually rotate and move the vehicle.

Car-4WD (Or 4×4)

Are you looking for something stylish to drive around in Marrakech? Car -4WD is another popular type of car that travelers love to rent for a scenic drive around the mesmerizing roadways of Marrakech.

While it is more expensive, the 4×4 car stands out with its eye-catching body design and vivid color patterns. Just by looking at Car-4WD, you can know that the car drives smoothly without any problems. What’s more is that, you can easily rent a 4×4 car in Marrakech by filling up a form.

Camper Car

While travelers might have planned to stay in their luxurious hotel rooms during their stay in Marrakech city, they can choose to rent Camper car if they want to go camping in nearby locations. But more than that, camper cars are popular for having large space areas to carry bags and travel accessories.

Those travelers who are making plans of visiting Marrakech with their friends and families will love renting out Camper car as it can carry many people at once. You just have to make sure that everything is strapped in properly for you to enjoy a relaxing drive.


Sometimes referred to as a camper, or a caravanette, the iconic Campervan is the best type of car which you can rent to enjoy some unforgettable nights in Marrakech. Yes, I said nights. That’s mainly because of the fact that Campervans are a multi-purpose vehicle which can transform itself into an accommodating in-bed vehicle in matter of seconds.

With a coach-built body, campervans are the way to go if you want to make sure that you can sleep beneath the stars while on your way to other exotic travel locations.


Personally speaking, Motorhome is my favorite travel vehicle among other vehicles listed here. In its essence, Motorhome is a type of recreational vehicle which is usually full of many household appliances and equipment. From kitchen wares to bathrooms, you can get everything in a motorhome vehicle.

But it can cost you a lot as you will get to use sofas, beds and even fridges that are pre-installed within the vehicle itself during its manufacturing. However, this is a heavy vehicle and you must not speed it up too fast as there are several expensive items that can easily flip over and break down.

All in all, these are my best car rentals in Marrakesh city and I hope you enjoyed going through this list.