Allabout Gata Grand Game Auto

The Gata Game is a famous and a beautiful game and there are several versions of this game. It contains several stages and it contains a series of 12 stages or games. The game is loved alike by young people and adults. It is an action-packed video game that is published by BMG Interactive and developed by DMS Design. It was primarily released in North America and Europe in October 1997 for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS. Later on December 1997, this game was re-released in Europe and in 1998, in North America. The story involves the group of criminals in three fictional US cities and they perform assassinations, bank robberies, and many illegal activities for their crime syndicates. This game was originally meant to be named Race n Chase. But, it was canceled because of production issues. This game consists of six levels that are split between three main cities. In every level, the ultimate objective of a player جاتا reaching the definite number of points that is achieved by doing jobs for the crime syndicate of the city. When the mission is completed successfully the player will be rewarded with points and it provides the opportunity for trying out tougher missions for more rewards.


The original game Grand Theft Auto was developed for MS-DOS, however, later on, it was ported to Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Game Boy Color. The version of the Game Boy Color was unabridged and this was a technical achievement. For catering to the younger generation, this game was censored. PC version is available in several various executable for MS-Windows and DOS that use the single set for data files. It was earlier available as free download and was a part of Rockstar classics. After the successful release by PlayStation, development started on Grand Theft Auto and it has graphical enhancements along with new missions.


This game has 7 radio stations and additionally, a police band track. This you may hear when you enter into a car. Each vehicle may receive just a few numbers of radio stations. In PlayStation port, every car has two stations. Players have the option to remove the CD when the game is loaded and then, they can insert an audio CD to replace it. As the character enters into a vehicle, a song plays randomly from the CD. This can be done in PlayStation port. For more information, you can click here on the game website.